Larestan Facilities For Iran

Imam Reza Larestan Educational and therapeutic Center

Larestan International Airport

Larestan airport was set up after the earthquake of 1960 to help the affected people. Because of the high volume of flight and installation of world-class navigation devices and the achievement of the necessary organizational level, the airport was promoted to Larnat General Airport in 2012.

Larnat Airport is currently considered to be one of the major airports in the country with 80% of foreign flights to Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar and Sharjah and 20% of domestic flights to Tehran by Airlines, Iran Air, Dubai, Kish Air and Air Arabia. Which is ranked sixth in the country's airports in terms of the number of foreign flights

larestan airport

Larestan Tourism Hotel

The three star Larestan Tourism Hotel is located in the new city of Lar.

The hotel has 20 double rooms and 4 double suites.

The restaurant capacity is 150 people.

The hotel has a capacity of 72 people.

All rooms have a bathroom, a bathroom, a TV, a refrigerator, a terrace, internet access, parking, breakfast, fast food, coffee shop and airport shuttle transfers including hotel services


Hashemi Zadeh specialized clinic

Area: 5260 square meters in three floors

Hashemi Zadeh clinic is the largest and most advanced specialized center for advanced medical treatment in various wards, including noninvasive angiography with the most advanced 128-slice CT scanner in the south of the Islamic Republic of Iran and other services, including ...Outpatient Clinic, CT-scan, Ultrasonography, Radiology, OPG, Pathology Lab, Physiotherapy, Electromyography (EMG), Electroencephalography, Orthopedic Specialist Clinic, 24/7 Pharmacy, and Administration;Clinics for ophthalmology, dentistry, heart, neurology and neurosurgery, psychiatry, nephrology and urology, dermatology, ENT, and outpatient surgery; as well as maternal and neonatal specialized clinics, gastroenterology and endoscopy specialized clinics, and audiometry and optometry clinics; Conference Hall, Amphitheater, Classroom and Coffee Shop

hashemi zadeh

Ansari Imaging Center

Ansari Imaging Center is equipped with the most advanced digital mammogram diagnostic device for tumor in breast and lymph node tissue that is under the supervision of a specialist team for the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer to diagnose, treat and carry out scientific research in this area.

The advanced equipment of this center, using the superior detector technology which results in the image to be sharpened with clarity, quality and contrast, provides an extraordinary output for accurate diagnosis and appropriate choice of therapies